Froddo Red Shoes

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Size guide attached as a photo and further info below. FRODDO shoes are playful and fun, designed for healthy foot growth and development in children. Froddo shoes are created in cooperation with orthopaedic, paediatric, and child psychologists, to create a truly anatomical shoe. Environmentally friendly, produced without harmful substances or chemicals, to the highest EU standards. One shoe - two widths: removable antibacterial leather insole allows fitting flexibility for either wider or narrower feet. Additional space can be created by removing either of the soles. Extremely soft and flexible, Froddo shoes imitate barefoot walking, allowing little feet to develop naturally and healthy. Velcro fastening for easy changing and adjustable fit. Good size toe box with bumper protection Heel collar allows for flexibility for fitting flat / regular / high instep Measure: Measure your child's feet as late in the evening as possible when feet are naturally at their biggest. Place foot onto paper and draw around each foot, then measure from heel to biggest toe. Use the biggest size (feet are usually different in size). Sizing: Choose the size which most closely represents your child's measurements, following the guidance above. These sizes already incorporate the recommended 12mm space for foot growth. You DO NOT need to add this to your child's measurements to determine the shoe size. EU24 - foot measurement 14.5cm EU25 - foot measurement 15.3cm EU26 - foot measurement 16cm EU27 - foot measurement 16.6cm EU28 - foot measurement 17.3cm EU29 - foot measurement 18cm EU30 - foot measurement 18.7cm Materials: Upper material leather, lining inlay sole leather, rubber sole. Removable antibacterial leather insole.