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Mini Rodini HOME is a collection full of beautiful organic cotton bed sets, sleeping nests, bedspreads and cushion covers. We have put together a guide for the bed sets, as they are available in three sizes; Baby bed set, Junior bed set and Adult bed set (before you order please continue to read) Baby Bed Set - measures 100x130cm. This is suitable for a cot/cot bed. You need to have/or be able to get a duvet insert which measures 100x130cm. We did a Google search and found one for as little as EUR 14.25 from Swedish company You can also buy this size in the UK if you check around. Junior / UK Single Bed Set - measures 200x140cm. Since a standard UK single duvet insert measures 137x198cm, we recommend a single duvet will fit this size bed set, which will fit over a 3ft wide bed, or a smaller 2ft 6" bed. Here's the one we expect some might get confused over (we sure did!)... EU Adult / Twin Bed Set - measures 210x150cm. In Sweden (where Minid Rodini brand est), and many European countries, bed sets come in one standard size, 210x150cm. However, in the UK, the 'DOUBLE' size measures 200x200cm. So, essentially, the EU Adult bed set is longer and wider than a UK single duvet, but smaller than a UK double duvet! So, which size duvet insert do you need? We recommend a 200x150cm duvet insert. These can be purchased quite easily from Europe, we found a good choice of duvet inserts from Swedish company, and in limited shops in the UK. We did a goole search and found some in the Uk for as little as £18. Butwill this fit a UK double bed? YES! So long as you have the correct duvet insert as described above, this duvet is perfect for all bed sizes up to 4ft 6" wide!