The story behind Little Footprint began in 2009 when I became pregnant with my first baby. My pregnancy was a welcome surprise for me and my partner and, like most parents, I felt a mix of emotions…happiness, excitement and nervous worry!  After six months of normal pregnancy I fell ill with pre-eclampsia - a pregnancy-related medical condition that threatened serious, dangerous complications for both me and my unborn child. The only treatment, in my case, was to deliver my baby prematurely by emergency caesarean section.
After two months in hospital I finally arrived home with my baby. During my pregnancy I’d read various books and articles, but nothing prepared me for the practical or emotional realities of caring for a very ill and premature baby girl. I called her Gabrielle, which means ‘heroine of God’ as she was so strong and determined to pull through!
With so much information out there, much of it contradictory, it can be really hard to seek out the best advice and I struggled to find out what was best for my beautiful baby.
At the time I had a promising career in accountancy but all of a sudden, being a mummy became the most important part of my life.
One huge struggle I had was finding the right clothes for Gabrielle; clothes that would fit her tiny body and be gentle against her delicate skin. I was also becoming increasingly concerned about the world my daughter would be growing up in and I began researching the benefits of organic and fair trade products. Inspired by what I learned, I became determined to seek out clothes that were not only gentle but socially and environmentally responsible too. Finding clothes that ticked all these boxes was such a challenge that it occurred to me that there was a gap in the market. So, with a deep breath, I decided to take my career in a new direction by bringing together, in one place, the best selection of products for babies and children that are not only practical and beautiful, but more importantly, are as kind to the environment as they are to our skin. 
And so…Little Footprint (my other baby!) was born. 
My mission is to help other parents find the best products for their little ones, combined with knowledge, experience and a personal touch. 
Gabrielle is the inspiration behind Little Footprint and she continues to give me fresh ideas to help to inspire you. 
With love, 
Michelle x